Chinese Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Chinese Canadian Chamber of Commerce was established in 2016 by a group of business persons with extensive experience in the Trans-Pacific Trade. It is our vision to foster pro-active trade and business investment projects that will serve the interests of the two nations in the best manner possible, by providing connections that get results between businesses of all size and not only mega corporations.

What makes this organisation unique is that it is run not by bureaucrats but business people that have spent most of their working lives in international trade. We know that as a member you want results, not just a nice dinner or speech, although we also hope to have nice dinners and celebrations together overlooking the beautiful Vancouver coast, hopefully without any boring speeches.

Presently the Province of British Columbia is poised to launch its project of the century, which is expected to create about 1 million jobs within the next decade, not to mention the enormous support services and qualified labour that will also be required. We are therefore paying special attention to the value of proper education and the unimpeded exchange of capital and labour with Canada’s trading partners.

Excellence in services related to language, career education and labour mobility are among our top priorities. This initiative was spearheaded by Cimaco, one of Canada’s veterans in Asia trade. We are based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada’s Pacific Port and its hub of Trans-Pacific trade.

There used to be 4 economic tigers in Southeast Asia, as they used to be called. The world has changed dramatically since I took Canada’s first trade mission to Taiwan, my favourite tiger, and China was just opening up to the world in the 1980’s. Within the past 2 decades China has gone through an amazing economic, social and industrial transformation, making it the biggest tiger in the region. Hence, our affinity with tigers.

We hope you will join us for the dim sum luncheon that is just starting. The least we can do for you is to place your name on the front page for a global audience.

Steffan Ileman, President


595 Burrard, Box 48734, Vancouver, BC V7X 1A6  Canada
Tel (Switchboard): 604-687-2896
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